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Poaquil | Guatemala - 8oz Bag

Poaquil | Guatemala - 8oz Bag

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Our longest high-impact relationship! This coffee comes from "Cooperativa La Asuncion", a women-led cooperative which we’ve been supporting since 2016.

Expect strong dark chocolate and cocoa notes and a balanced, full-bodied experience. This is our SEVENTH year directly sourcing this coffee, and quality just keeps getting better! An outstanding 88-pt coffee!

Process: Washed (and sun-dried on raised beds)

Varietal: Red & Yellow Bourbon

Region: Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Roast level: Full Medium (Full City Roast)

*** Farmers have always received 2.5-3X times the “market price” for this coffee - going well beyond Fair-Trade standards (i.e. about a ~0.1X premium). While it is one of the few coffees we carry that is not Organic certified, the Cooperative excels on their water conservation practices and has excellent biological pest controls, avoiding the use of expensive chemical pesticides (a win/win for the community, the environment, and their business). We look forward to continue to support them on a spirit of transparency and a shared commitment to real impact and relationships that go beyond ‘marketing-driven’ certifications.


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