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Honey Feast

Honey Feast Wildflower Honey 12oz

Honey Feast Wildflower Honey 12oz

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Natural Wildflower Honey Multipack: Experience the essence of wildflowers with 12oz Honey Feast Wildflower honey jars, offering a naturally raw and unfiltered taste in every spoonful.

Purely Unfiltered Process: Relish in our dedication to purity with honey that retains active enzymes and pollen, bottled straight from the barrel to ensure you enjoy it as nature created.

A Taste of Nature's Cycles: Each jar from our multipack reveals the seasonal diversity of wildflowers, with a variety of floral sources and pollens for a unique flavor profile every time.

Gentle Straining, Full Flavor: Our honey undergoes a light straining process, meticulously preserving the precious qualities within, connecting you to the unspoiled wilderness with every use.

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