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Creme ESPRESSO - 16oz Bag

Creme ESPRESSO - 16oz Bag

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Our signature Espresso blend is a consistently silky, sweet, and intense cup with delicious nutty undertones.

Its sweet nutty notes will absolutely shine on both Espresso and Drip (a wonderful morning cup). On Espresso, it is roasted to a perfect medium to pull shots with a beautiful layer of crema, and is delicious both by itself or as the ideal match for milk!

What’s in the blend?

Rainforest Alliance & UTZ Sustainable Farming Certified Yellow Bourbon Brazilian beans from small farmers belonging to Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo (an 88+ scoring of coffees sourced exclusively for our Espresso blend!). Beans are sun dried as a cherry on raised beds (dry process).

While most coffee in Brazil is grown in large coffee plantations and "Estate" farms, we go out of our way to source from small farmers that farm in "sitios". Lots are purchased directly from small farmers committed to quality and willing to provide detailed information about their coffees and farms, commit to harvesting methods that maximize quality, and each individual lot is cupped prior to blending it with the collective harvest, so we can offer you a consistently excellent cup.

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